Our Purpose

The Olivet Outreach Committee will support the congregation’s mission of “Making God’s Grace Real for People” by partnering with our neighbors, our community and our world to deliver care and hope through sharing our time, talents and resources. 

Food Bank 

4th Quarter Items will go to
Central Missouri Food Pantry

Main Dish

Canned tuna/salmon     Canned chicken/ham/beef/spam

Canned ravioli/spaghetti with meatballs

Canned pork 'n beans or any beans

Soups     Dried beans     Peanut butter

Beef stew     Boxed pizza with meat


Any canned vegetables

(green beans, peas, carrots, mixed vegetables, spinach)

Boxed dried potatoes mixes    Boxed mashed potatoes



Any canned or dried fruit

(peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, applesauce)

Canned fruit juice or packets

Jams or jellies     Fruit pie filling

Alternate Items:

cereal: rice - oatmeal       dry pasta - Ramen noodles

chicken or tuna helper     corn bread or biscuit mixes

pancake mix & syrup     jello or pudding mixes or packets

microwave popcorn     catsup/mayo/mustard

mac 'n cheese - box or microwave


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