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where you will find books and DVDs to check out and take home, or pull up a seat and start reading. 

We offer a wonderful parents section with great resources for Mom and Dad.

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      Some books you read once, enjoy and perhaps recommend to friends.  Others are so worthwhile they become timeless classics that new generations continue to re-discover for reading enjoyment and enlightenment.  Of course, topping the "books to dig into" list for Christians is the Bible:  God's guide to living, full of epic stories and characters, inspiring poetry, a whole library covering the spectrum of human nature and experience in 66 individual books. Each reading of these will reveal new understandings.

       For a challenge better than 'most any other, begin this month on your own Bible reading plan.  It can be a brief daily devotional using Secret Place or Daily Bread (either the print version offered at Olivet, or an app to pop up on your e-phone or email, eliminating the "I forgot" excuse).  A bigger challenge is to read one book, such as Proverbs, every month; or for a really big challenge, read the entire Bible in 90 days or 12 months. (Yes, I know people who have done it with group support, and they say it's life changing).  To organize and encourage your commitment, a variety of reading plans are available on-line. Just google "Bible reading guide" and make your selection.

       Why this challenge now, in November?  Why not? NOW is the best time to let God know you are thankful and want to commit to becoming a more "prepared to be active" disciple.  

        Olivet's library offers many thoughtful aids if you want to move from reading to studying the Bible. Check the A-B-C shelf sections for recognized authors' Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc. to keep you on the classic path of learning.  One of our  latest donations, an incomplete but excellent set of Wm Barclay's New Daily Study Bible (of New Testament books) is on the blue cart  next to the reading corner. 

          Open your mind and heart, and start an exciting spiritual journey today. God will bless you!


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