Updated Guidelines for Gathering for Worship

We know recommendations and policies for COVID precautions are changing daily. In response to the increased rates of vaccinations, we've made a few changes to our guidelines at Olivet, and we've also left a few things in place. Check out our most recent Guidelines for Gathering in Worship:

  • Got symptoms? Have you been exposed to COVID? Show your love for us by staying home.

  • We will continue to wear masks indoors and over our noses and mouths. This will protect all the unvaccinated in our midst - including children, the immunocompromised, and those unable to receive a vaccine. It will also allow our Worship Team to go unmasked during the service.

  • We are singing again! We just can't help it. Wear your mask. Keep a safe distance from your neighbor.

  • We'll continue to pass out disposable communion packages and collect offering in the circle drive.

  • The pews will remain marked off and ushers will seat participants to encourage social distancing. Seating will still be available in Fellowship Hall. However, you may now choose any available set. (But feel free to shake things up occasionally - no need to set in the same pew every single week!)

  • The will be  open but will not be staffed. Parents must remain with their children at all times in order to ensure their safety.

  • When worship ends, we are still asking you to leave the indoor space. Go love each other outside!

  • You don't have to come indoors to worship with us. We'll continue to offer the option to participate in worship with the drive-in and virtual service. Weather permitting, you may also bring a lawn chair or blanket and listen to the service from the lawn near the gazebo. Masks are not required outdoors.

  • If you test COVID-positive after being at worship, let one of the pastors know so we can do contact tracing. We'll protect your privacy. Your honesty is an act of love.


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Olivet Christian Church is a family. We are small enough to know your name and large enough to offer a broad program of ministries. We are traditional enough to help ground lives in Christ's wisdom and example and progressive enough to hold a vision of racial reconciliation, social justice, generous sharing, and environmental stewardship.